Minimum order of 150 gallons.

Budget Plan

Your fuel payments, your way. Budget plans are available to J.A. Healy & Sons customers to help distribute fuel payments throughout the year, instead of allowing them to compile during heating season. While we always keep heating oil prices competitive and affordable for every customer, budget plans allow you to spread the cost of fuel into more affordable and predictable bills.

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Current Budget Plans

Benefits of a Budget Plan

Our budget plan divides your estimated fuel use into ten equal installments, and sends one bill every month from August to May. This means you only pay 10% of your annual fuel bill each month for ten months, making your bills more predictable and affordable.

Follow these three simple steps to organize your budget plan today. When summer comes and you have more money in your pocket than you anticipated, you’ll be glad you enrolled in our budget plan!

  1. Ask us to split your bill into 10 equal monthly installments, starting August 1st.
  2. Work your lower bill into your monthly budget.
  3. Enjoy predictable bills, and no payment during the months of June and July!
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More Savings Opportunities

If you want to save even more, visit our pages to learn about all the discounts J.A. Healy & Sons offers. We’re also glad to discuss them over the phone, too, and combine offers to help you make the most out of your savings.

More Savings Opportunities Include:

  • Senior Discount
  • Tank Protection Program
Discount Details

Please give us a call any time to see how much you can save when you choose J.A. Healy & Sons for all your HVAC needs. We often switch up our deals and discounts to give customers a variety of savings opportunities to choose from. While this means that you will benefit from our many discounts, it also means the current ones may end at any time. You don’t want to miss out on these great offers! Snag them now before they’re gone.