Wenzhou fire safety for building a new order, the prevention of malignant Qunsiqunshang Fire Accident, in February this year launched the "crack down on crowded places illegal acts of Fire '10 hard measures'," based on the combination of the city's fire safety trends, in order to steadily promote specific types of fire rolex swiss replicas hazard and political work comprehensive fire safety purification Environment In accordance with "Fire Act", "Public Security Administration Law" and "fire inspection requirements" and other laws, regulations, Wenzhou City, in submitted to the municipal fire brigade, municipal, Municipal Public Security Bureau and other relevant functional departments of the agreement, issued a "Wenzhou crack down on illegal 10 normal Strict Management of Fire measures ", measures that violate the regulations, in addition to seriously investigate and deal according to the law, should also urge the fake rolex relevant units or individuals to take measures to eliminate hidden dangers.

10 normal Strict Management of the following measures: First, public gathering places without permission, without the fire safety inspection in use, business, and be ordered to cease operations and be given a heavier penalty. Second, violation of public gathering places the storage, discharge Fireworks Endanger public safety, all of the persons responsible for detention of fifteen days. Third, public gathering places of business during the violation of the provisions of welding, gas welding and other fake panerai luminor daylight fire operations, all of the office on the 15th were ordered detained on the operating personnel office on the 5th of detention. Fourth, the violation of public gathering places, a lot of use of polyurethane foam Plastic And other flammable, combustible materials, decoration, be temporarily closed down. Fifth, public gathering places building fire severely damaged, no longer have the fire fighting function, be temporarily closed down, a fine of more than 30,000 yuan fine; those who refuse to be detained on the responsible office on the 5th. 6 is a block crowded places evacuation routes, safety exports Lock Can not be immediately corrected, a fine of 20,000 yuan or more of the fine; those who refuse to be enforced. 7 is a crowded place replica cartier pasha c in the evacuation channel of the windows and doors on the impact of escape and fire rescue set the iron fence and other obstructions can not be immediately corrected, a fine of 5,000 yuan more than the fine; those who refuse to be enforced. Eighth, to stay with the production, storage, combined with a construction replica dubey schaldenbrand aerodyn duo management ("triple"), does not meet fire Technology Standards, should be ordered to cease operations, and impose a fine of 20,000 yuan or more. Ninth, with fire and explosion hazards of smoking, and all office on the 5th of detention. 10 is opened without authorization, or use by the replica watches public security fire control institutions closed down the place, position, and all of fake panerai luminor marina watch the responsible office on the 15th of detention.

To the general public to learn more about "crack down on illegal 10 normal strict management measures in the Fire," the specific content, contact the municipal detachment positive news media units, the first time in the press, Wenzhou, News, Radio Wenzhou, Wenzhou TV Taiwan and other news media content replica breitling colt gmt plus on the 10 measures were normal release Strict Management, and requested the relevant enterprises (thing) business unit, place the positive content in accordance with 10 normal controls Internal Strict Management of fire safety measures in the practical work of carrying out self-examination and self-government, to ensure Internal fire safety. I am a professional writer from China Telecommunications, which contains a great deal of information about wall heater repair , gates v belts, welcome to visit!